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Eagle PCB software gets an overhaul

Eagle5 Menubird

Eagle users, in case you haven’t heard: Cadsoft released version 5 of their popular PCB layout software – and with it a lot of very welcome changes. To name just a few –

  • When clicking with the right mouse button on an object in an editor window, a context specific popup menu is now displayed from which commands that apply to this object can be selected.
  • The Mac OS X version of EAGLE no longer requires an X11 server, and comes as a “Universal Binary” that runs on PPC and Intel Macs.
  • In a library, devices can now have “attributes”, which are arbitrary user definable “name/value” pairs. Attributes are related to the individual “technology” variants of a device.
  • Various buttons in the editor window now have a popup menu that contains a list of recently used items or user defined aliases (depending on the button type). These buttons are marked with a small black arrow at the bottom right corner of their icon.

Contextual menus, finally – Woohoo! – Cadsoft Eagle 5.0

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