Old multimeter case reborn for synthing

Multimeter Synth
From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

Zeni666 repurposed an old multimeter case as a musical instrument enclosure –

An SN76477 sound generator chip placed indide a Kenwood DL711 Multimeter.
Settings of the SN76477 are done through three pots and the buttons of the multimeter front panel.
There is a light sensor (photoresistor) that is placed at one of the extremities of an optical fiber bundle. Sound is changed depending on the light at the other extremity of the bundle.
Powered by a 9V battery.
Part of the multimeter electronic is still present and has an influence on the settings of the SN76477 which generated sound depends on the value of resistors and capacitors.
Output is a mono jack.

DL711 photo set on Flickr

Those old SN76477 chips were quite cool, it’s shame they’re no longer produced .