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Drummaster Breadboard

The Drum Master project uses sensor filter circuits with the Arduino platform and sends the data over USB for sample playback –

The Drum Master system is actually comprised of two parts. The hardware brain module (containing the Arduino microcontroller and a collection of circuits to assist in obtaining the sensor information) is called the Drum Master. This is connected via USB (technically, a virtual serial port over USB) to a computer, which is running the Drum Slave software, written in Python. When a sensor is hit, the Drum Master converts the signal to a digital value, and sends this value (and the port on which the sensor was detected) over the

The piezo filtering used could be helpful for some other projects as well –

Piezo Filter Signal
Piezo Filter Schem
(fyi – the 1M, 5k, 20k components connected to each input are resistor arrays)

Unfortunately the software uses a specialized data protocol – so it’s not MIDI compatible. Still looks like a fun project with a lot of helpful documentation, plus there’s a shield board forthcoming. – Drum Master

Arduino drum machine

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