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At the flick of a switch this desk becomes a full size light table. That can be very handy if you shoot traditional film and video. But that’s not all this desk does. Wait until the end of the video to see the motorized height adjustment. Now that’s a great desk!

Via – SwissMissLight table desk

10 thoughts on “Light table and desk

  1. It is a clever idea but it is too thick! When your legs fit barely underneath it your arms are already too high.

    1. They are from a lab supply company. I have seen them made for high-end chemistry labs.

      Check Google…

  2. The top is that deep/thick so that there is even diffusion of light on the top. If the glass is too close to the bulbs you’ll start seeing hot lines.

  3. I’m making similar style desk for my major work at high school,
    and was interested in knowing what material you used for the table top.
    I have heard mixed feedback as whether to use plexiglass or glass,
    yours looks amazing and looks sturdy as well, help?!
    Also what type of light-bulbs did you use?

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