Listening to weather as melody

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Listening to weather as melody

Weatherbox Dial

The weather box by Gian Pablo and Lesley Flanigan generates melodic sequences from the current weather in eight US cities –

Built into a Fortnum & Mason tea box, is an Arduino-based polyphonic synthesizer, with an XPort Internet access module. The dial allows choosing any of 8 cities. When it is turned, the box retrieves the weather information for that city from an NOAA server, and turns it into a simple melody. Pressing the red button will replay the melody. If for any reason the box cannot establish an Internet connection, it will use the data it last retrieved for that city, which it has stored in the Arduino’s on-board EEPROM.

Check the site for build info and pics – The Weather Box

Xport Build P1 Crop
Arduino XPort shield build – Part 1

Vlf-3 Kit Crop
Space weather sound receiver

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