Modify a 3 channel transmitter into a 7 channel one

This hack shows you how to convert a 3 channel, 40 MHz FM Hi-Tec Ranger 3S radio controller to transmit and receive a signal on 7 channels. Pretty nice description, complete with instructions and circuit diagrams of the full transformation process.

Tornado – The 7 Channel Hack

2 thoughts on “Modify a 3 channel transmitter into a 7 channel one

  1. Nice hack, but be sure to know what the regulations for using R/C gear are in your country.

    The 40Mhz band is used in Europe and not legal in the US, where we use 72Mhz and 75Mhz (also be aware there is a section for AIRCRAFT that is different than the frequencies for SURFACE craft like boats and cars.)

    You do NOT want to accidentally interfere with a $25,000 150-pound airplane going 250mph and kill someone!!!

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