“Bi-Valve audio enhancer” leverages the aesthetic

Bivalve Audio Enhancer
Bivalve Audio Enhancer Int
From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

Sometimes a little theatrics is all you need – Bi-Valve Audio Enhancer on Flickr

6 thoughts on ““Bi-Valve audio enhancer” leverages the aesthetic

  1. I never expected to wake up this morning and find tons of emails telling me that I have another 15 min of fame.

    The idea for this came about due to wanting to share vintage music when at fairs. It’s about 90% done in this photo.

    Cherish your junk boxes, and think outside the winebox. You’ll never realize what you can make until you try.

    Gary Watts
    aka: The KronoNaut
    Seattle, Wa. USA

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