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Dismantle and reassemble your laptop to see if you can do it
averatec mobo view.jpg

Here’s a step-by-step description of how to dismantle and reassemble an Averatec 6200 laptop. Although this will definitely not make you friends with the folks at tech support, we think it’s just cool that these types of activities are documented so well. Also, the guts of this thing are pretty impressive when compared to most stripped laptops.

Averatec 6200 laptop deconstruction

4 thoughts on “Dismantle and reassemble your laptop to see if you can do it

  1. This is an interesting exercise if you’ve got a spare junker laptop lying around.

    It’s probably not such a good idea to do on your main unit. Laptop hardware tends to be engineered to close design tolerances. A hand re-assembled laptop may tend to loosen up from movement if the screws aren’t tight enough, and likewise screws may be damaged if they are overtightened. Much more so than with overdesigned PC hardware.

  2. I did this with my moms T42 after she spilled pop on it (in part to help it dry out). I think i had like 3 screws left over and one little plastic or ruber piece. It still works, and i think it is holding together well

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