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Although this is this maker’s first attempt at Roomba hacking, we applaud the fact that he is attempting to make his Roomba less robotic, and more manual. By connecting up a Wiimote to his Roomba, he has built the world’s first “Wiimba” and has basically changed the entire automated system into an old fashioned vacuum cleaner of sorts.


2 thoughts on “Wiimba combines robotics with Wii hacking

  1. “The roomba had taken a joyful cleaning time from me, but finally I can get it back.”
    Hahahahaa!! awesome!

    It looks like a vacuum with an invisible handle.
    It would be cool if could be more sensitive to your movement. Right now, the invisible handle looks like it is made of rubber or a spring.
    It would be even cooler if the invisible handle was stiffer.
    Nice work!

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