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Day 7 of 7 in 7 at ITP thundered to a close with Window Ghosts, Twitter Door Sign, Happy Graduation Breast Implants, XBee Interface for Mac, Collective Intelligence for Java and Vegan Pork Martini. Click on a picture to read about each one-day project in the 7 in 7 blog. We celebrated the end of 7 days of very late nights and stunning productivity with real martinis at Angel’s Share, followed by a blissful night of sleep that lasted past noon.

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4 thoughts on “7 in 7: Day 7

  1. thanks a lot for passing this along this week make… biff

    anyone else think this whole thinghas been pretty lame?

    maybe next time just spend the entire week on one ‘creative’ project. i mean come on.. jamming vibrating toys in your bra? im sure mom is so proud.

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