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Wear your Wii and create some noise

This “WiiMote Music Controller Suit” (called the “W_space”) by Israeli-born, Netherlands based composer Tom Tlalim uses eight Nintendo Wii controllers to create and manipulate sound in realtime. Connected up to the body, each Wiimote senses a different aspect of the wearer’s movement to produce songs in the sound software “SuperCollider”, as he or she dances or moves through any space. Check out the photo gallery from the link below which shows the author “boogie-ing down” on a city roof.


2 thoughts on “Wear your Wii and create some noise

  1. says:

    …it would cost to buy 8 wiii controllers, you could actually MAKE something. You’d also stand at least a small chance of not looking like a complete DINGUS when wearing it.

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