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Handmade Guitar Picks
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Member Aud1073cH shares picks of his handcrafted pick collection –

Handmade guitar picks. Most are made from old plastic cards (gift cards, credit cards, hotel room keys, etc.) Other materials are cardboard, “Handi Snacks” stick, CD, Toshiba laptop, and plastic packaging.

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Credit card guitar picks

14 thoughts on “DIY guitar picks

  1. I start my picks off similar to the linked instructable, but I do more finishing. my method is closer to this one.

    I trace with an ultra fine tip Sharpie pen, then cut out with scissors (for most materials) then I sand the edges smooth with cheap emory boards (those sandpaper sticks for fingernails).

    the CD pic was more difficult, because the plastic wants to shatter into many sharp shards.

    The four aluminum pics were made from some old toshiba laptops. I cut into them with a hacksaw and nibbler to start with, and used a Dremel cutting disk and files to finish them.

    There are great things about making your own picks. You get your choice of material, size, shape, texture and graphics.

  2. Try using a piece of coconut shell for a pretty awesome pick. A small saw, file, and sandpaper are what you need for that one. Works *great* for mandolin.

  3. Horrible idea. Just spend a few cents and buy a real pick. Your strings, and anyone listening to you play will thank you,

  4. I cut some picks with scissors from old CDs and it is so cool!
    I used the floor and the sidewalk instead of sandpaper.

    you can also make it in any shape you want!

  5. Starting out as young musicians, they can always find ways in a resourceful manner to make guitar picks. It is one good method to reduce refuse as well as a way to save when cash strapped.

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