Instead of waiting around for a faster Arduino to be released, Zach of NYCResistor is developing his own –

I’m in the process of porting the Arduino environment to the atmega644 for a skunkworks project I’m working on. This chip is awesome because it has 4x the flash (64k vs 16k) it has 4x the RAM (4k vs 1k) and 12 more I/O pins (32 vs 20)

Nice work, please keep going! – Arduino on Atmega644

6 thoughts on “Arduino644 in development

  1. In fairness, the current Arduinos based on the SMD ATmega168 chip (such as the Nano) have 28 I/O pins, so the difference is not as great as he suggests. That said, the extra memory is sweet.

  2. ATMega168s have 28 pins total. Five are taken up by power, one by reset, and two by the serial port. Only 20 remain for general I/O.

  3. in the interest of fairness, i’ll break it down:

    the DIP version of the atmega168 has 20 general purpose IO pins: 14 digital and 6 analog (which double as digital)

    the SMT version of the atmega168 (which the arduino nano uses) has an extra 2 analog pins bringing the grand total to 22 general purpose IO pins. however, the reason i went with the atmega644 in this design is that is the largest DIP atmega i could find. i wanted this board to be a kit that anyone could build. if you were to just go surface mount there are much bigger, faster, badder chips out there than the atmega644. (see: wiring board)

    so, not quite 28, but also not 20.

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