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Guerilla gardening – seed bombs (of love)

I’m a big fan of guerilla gardening – neglected or abandoned urban spaces can be pretty bleak, it’s neat when people take the time to brighten things up. Heavy Petal Gardening has an easy recipe for Seed bombs – make sure you use seeds that are native to your area. (I especially like the way these look – people will think there have been dung beetles around.)

14 thoughts on “Guerilla gardening – seed bombs (of love)

  1. From for WEED:
    2. any undesirable or troublesome plant, esp. one that grows profusely where it is not wanted: The vacant lot was covered with weeds.

    So, by definition, make now promotes planting weeds in public space. The downhill slide continues.

  2. Well, I’m thinking a vacant lot is already covered with weeds – that’s what I meant by neglected or abandoned, that nobody is caring for it – and making it look nicer makes people care about their neighborhoods more. It’s not turning off someone’s tv or messing up their vacation photos (I’m one of those people who doesn’t *get* the tv-b-gone). Planting flowers is a value-added project.

  3. definition Oracle: a prophet, an authoritative person who divines the future.

    hating on flowers? the future of abandoned lots will be a bleak space with native plants. sounds delightful.

    thanks for your insight, Oracle.

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