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This simple hack shows you how to increase the transmission range of any RC car by at least 50 feet by adding some aluminum foil to the remote control. Watch the video for the simple solution.


12 thoughts on “Increase the broadcast range of your RC car with some aluminum foil

  1. I agree, this is crap.

    The tinfoil hack doesn’t do anything good, and will likely decrease your range if anything, and it’s just a BS ad at the end. (which is also crap btw).

  2. @RocketGuy- I agree.

    @Brendan-Good call. I noticed that too.

    But hey- It’s Jonah. I look at his submissions with all my ‘fiters’ on from experience. Why do you think there is no contact info on the masthead? Probably overload the server:)

    Heck, the title isn’t even corrected. Hours later…

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