The AS220 Fools Ball (MAKE is a sponsor) is happening tonight, Saturday June 28, at 8pm: 115 Empire Street, Providence, Rhode Island. My friend Kipp Bradford and I have been working on a Socialbomb-inspired wearable game, and we’ll have a few gamepieces at the Fools Ball. The Fools Brd is designed to be a flexible platform for social gaming. It’s got:

  • ATMega168 running the Arduino bootloader
  • An XBee for 802.15.4 wireless communications
  • Some push buttons
  • An 8×8 array of surface mount LEDs

For the Fools Ball, the board will be running a simple game: each gamepiece randomly chooses whether it likes or dislikes each other gamepiece. When your gamepiece is close to players it likes, it gets happier. When it’s close to players it dislikes, it gets sadder. The goal is to make it happy, keep it in a neutral mood, or make it sad, depending on how you feel.