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IR LED glasses (anti-paparazzi)

We’ve covered how to make IR LED projects and how to use IR LEDs to “jam” a security camera (privacy from cameras is a hot topic, debate in the comments!)… Here’s a video on how to make a pair of glasses that pumps out a little IR around your face so the cameras can’t see you, the video says it’s anti-paparazzi but their cameras likely won’t be stopped by something like this…

Ledheadband 2008024
LED security camera disruptor.

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Spotted at DEFCON – Super 44 IR LED TV-B-Gone.
Make – IR TV remote Bazooka.

12 thoughts on “IR LED glasses (anti-paparazzi)

  1. I’d thought of this idea to create a blinder for speed enforcement cameras as a frame around license/number plates.

    Should stop thinking and do!

  2. Didn’t boingboing have a post on this? The video had been removed almost immediately. Is it the same one? Has anyone actually seen this video?

  3. This system works as long there’s no IR filter on the camera.
    If there is one, you only wasting your time.

  4. Haven’t see seen a lot about converting a digital camera to an IR camera by *removing the internal IR filter*? So somebody would have to actively modify their camera to have it beaten by this attack.

    Maybe cheapie cameras don’t have a proper IR filter?

  5. Many security cameras don’t have the IR filter since they use the IR (with their own LED) to work better in low light.

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