There are so many WYSIWYG editors for html forms, it’s about time someone put together a decent web version of the Vi editor. JSVI is written in Javascript and seems to be fairly cross-browser compatible. With a few tweaks to your code, you can now make any textarea behave exactly like Vi. How cool is that?

To use it, download the GPLed vi.js file from the link below, include it in your html document, and then add an onfocus=”editor(this);” to any textarea that you want vi enabled. If your textarea contains any preset information, the text will be loaded into the editor when the field is clicked. Saving the file with :wq will exit the editor and store the changes back in the input field.

Somewhere there must be a unix blog or forum that will adopt this for their submission and comment fields. Shame on them if they don’t. That is, unless they are waiting for the emacs version.

JSVI – VI in JavaScript (demo)
Download vi.js

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