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LightCoder will help you survive urban chaos

The Lightcoder by artist Geraldine Juarez is an analog urban communication device in the form of a bag made from reflective mylar that uses a light source to encode messages into morse code. The bag itself comes with the Morse code alphabet guide, a map of Manhattan, a broken digital compass, lantern, aspirin, rad-block, dust mask, utility knife, hand made shape-lock cups, and fire starters. The result, says the artist, is a symbolic object that explores the possibility of survival in urban environments by bringing out the vulnerability of modern digital technologies and communications devices.

LightCoder Project page

10 thoughts on “LightCoder will help you survive urban chaos

  1. Morse Code isn’t analog, though. It’s a way of encoding binary alphanumeric data. The fact that you don’t use an electronic computer to do it doesn’t make it any less digital.

  2. well, took a few grey cells, but I see now. Morse code is a digital (1’s and 0’s)redition of the alphabet…

    Irony rocks. Thanks.

  3. I think you are missing the part of the mirror used as analog device (not electronic) to transmit morse code. Kind of simple.

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