Add-Art is an ad blocking extension for Firefox, but it’s a bit different from other ad blocking hacks. Instead of simply removing ads, leaving a score of empty holes in ad-laden sites, Add-Art replaces all those nasty skyscrapers and leaderboards with a selection of images from a contemporary artist. The image above, for instance, is a cropped banner from Add-Art’s current show, Hotel Vue des Alpes by Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg.

In addition to turning your browser into an art gallery, blocking ads might actually speed up your browsing experience a bit. The Add-Art images are distributed with the plugin and are loaded locally from your machine, so there’s no download involved for any of the ad units. Just think of all those bytes you could be saving while viewing lovely mountain scenery instead of dancing mortgage dudes.

Add-Art Firefox Plugin
Hotel Vue des Alpes

7 thoughts on “Add-Art – turn the adverweb into an art gallery

  1. this is the lamest thing I’ve ever seen in
    now you start crediting script kiddies?
    really bad. this is not a hack at all!

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