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Robotic saxophone player will hit the notes

This Saxophone playing robot from Japan is pretty adept at its craft. Check out the video at the link below of it tearing up John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps.” Also there are some nice close-up photos of the onboard gears and motors.

Japanese saxophone-playing robot proves we have come a long way

6 thoughts on “Robotic saxophone player will hit the notes

  1. We sure have come a long way – now we have a saxophone player who can jazz-noodle for days without stopping. Joy.

    The video shows an impressively built robot, with an admirable number of controls, using a difficult instrument – and playing nothing but random jazz-sounding garble in a weird time-signature.

    Make it play some Gershwin, and I’ll be less sarcastic.

  2. Forget Gershwin. I’ll be impressed when this thing blows out some Ornette Coleman. Does this thing take requests? I’d like to hear Eventually….

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