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Here’s a collection of 8-bit art made with colored Post-It Notes. This is an art form I’m sure Staples and OfficeMax really hope catches on…

Post-it Note Art: 8-bit Edition [via Hack n Mod]

36 thoughts on “8-bit Post-It art

  1. 8 bit art? Where does one get 256 colours of post it notes?

    Or is it another example of someone writing about old-tech with no clue what they’re talking about?

  2. “8-bit art” is a genre of art that pays tribute to/uses as its subject matter classic video games and 8-bit tech. Last time I checked, using 256 colors, or having them available in the medium in which you’re working, was not a tenet of the faith. If you “have a clue” to the contrary, please enlighten us.

  3. holy crap there are a lot of dumb comments. i like the 8 bit art, good stuff. In our house we have some 8-bit art framed, made by cut up construction paper. my roommate has one of megaman too, kickass.
    ok i have to say one technical thing: there is nothing not 8-bit about it. Yes, 8-bit color is appropriate term, The Oracle’s Mom. You do not need to use 256 colors for something to be 8-bit. 256 is the maximum if we’re talking about a 8-bit palette, The Oracle. Christ.

  4. it’s amazing how people can make something totally uninteresting just by leaving retarded comments, not regarding the post directly, but what people have previously said ABOUT the post. i think people would be able to avoid impossible/needless/pointless online arguments by not commenting about what other people say, but on the actual post. how about you leave your comment, then DON’T CHECK BACK to see if someone replied to what you said. go outside, read a book, count the hairs on the back of your hand. in other words, just drop it, seriously, it’s not that important.

  5. I think this “8-bit” term refers to 8-bit computer era. You know 300x200px with 8 color per pixel graphics. Those were the days hehe.

  6. LarryNathan, do you protest art galleries everywhere? No more paper is used for post-it note art than for a painting of equal size. In fact, probably less, seeing as post-it notes are pretty thin. Stop whingeing.

    In other news, this shit is AWESOME!

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