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Bizarre car accidents

Dark Roasted Blend has a gallery of seriously strange and guiltily entertaining car accidents.

Oops! – Weirdest Accidents

28 thoughts on “Bizarre car accidents

  1. sorry- but this is just plain dumb. i understand slow news days, but this has nothing at all to do with MAKE.

  2. Just try to tell me that that last one is a genuine accident and not an art installation – and keep a straight face while you do. Giant cutlery falling from the heavens? Puh-leeze!

    So maybe, possibly, perhaps the story about bizarre car accidents doesn’t really belong on Make:, but the art that doesn’t belong in the story should feel quite at home here.

  3. So many of the make/DIY tech blogs seem to just copy each other’s content, this was borrowed off boing boing (or wherever boing boing got it from), now it’s being done without any effort to think whether it’s at all relevant, questioning why anyone should bother looking at MAKE any longer…

  4. I chose this item like I choose everything I post on MAKE. I chose it because *I* liked it; it’s interesting to me. YMMV. You’re not going to like everything I post and I don’t expect you to. Luckily we have eight other bloggers and some 23 other posts each and every day, so hopefully, there are plenty of other items for you to read and enjoy.

    And on the oft-raised criticisms that imply everything on MAKE is supposed to be how to make something. Not so. We cover all sorts of content each of us thinks will be of interest to our readers. We try to keep the lion’s share of it instructional, but we cover interesting science, emerging technologies, trends in DIY culture, etc.

    I stand by my posting of this item. I think it’s interesting from a forensics perspective, a physics perspective, and for learning about how things get unmade. And I found it highly entertaining. But again, YMMV. That’s why your browser has a scroll bar.

    [And I had to shake my head at the criticism that everything is “borrowed” from Boing Boing and other popular blogs. I went farther afield on this item specifically because I’m trying not to rely too heavily on content from these well-mined sources.]

  5. I’m interested if anyone can explain exactly how that car in the second picture got stuck on that pole like that.

    Right now, I’m trying to figure out why someone posted a photo of a chicken dressed in saran wrap in the Craft flickr pool.

  6. Car was driving to fast for conditions and either

    hit the pole which due to oversaturated ground gave way and car traveled up the pole and got hung up on the end. Speed of car caused pole to dip to near horizontal but afterwards it just kinda hung there.



    There was a guide wire on the pole holding in in tension and when the car went off the road it basically “drove up the wire” and pulled the pole down.

    The second scenario is actually pretty common for this type of accident.

  7. The one where the wheel and shaft is coming out of the left rear happened to a driver in front of me but it came out and I nearly hit it. The moron would not stop. I called the cops and got my car stopped then went and moved the wheel out of the road. They caught the idiot, arrested them and retrieved the crap they’d been smoking.

    DUI + reckless driving + possession = 12
    Them off the road for a min of six and a lifetime DL suspension = priceless.

  8. Gareth – the problem isn’t that there is a plethora of other things to read on the web, it’s that there’s too much on the web.

    One of the great things about the make blog is that it tends to be a great curatorial site about what’s happening in DIY around the web. So, while this might have amused you, it’s kinda off topic.

    – or –
    stop acting nuts and screwing around or your audience might bolt. spring another post like this and you’ll find us plane board.

  9. I’m fully aware of what the curatorial mission of our site is. And I stand by the post. But thanks for your input!

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