One of the first things people think about when 4th of July comes around is fireworks. This year you might want to go ahead and try making your own. It isn’t a mortar shell, but it will still impress your friends when you toss out what appears to be a blob of peanut butter, and it fills the yard with smoke. This IS dangerous…you’ve been warned.

Learn more about making your own Smoke Bombs

18 thoughts on “4th of July fun: Make your own smoke-bombs

  1. Dangerous…yes. But more importantly (I know my audience!) in some places it’s going to be pretty illegal. I know that around here (SF Peninsula) it’s illegal to have or use any kind of firework…that includes sparklers and smoke. The fine for first offense is $500. I don’t even want to think what would happen if you were caught with an “improvised incendiary device”. So you Midwesterners have something we don’t…light off a dozen bottle rockets for me!

  2. For maximum effect, make one, ten pound smoke bomb. Light fuse get away and watch as it looks like a jet engine shooting from the ground.

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