Hidden Gem: Wayne Electronics

I just wanted to share a little secret with our readers. There is this great electronics shop in Northern NJ, It’s called Wayne Electronics. No, it isn’t in Wayne, but rather up rt. 23 a bit in the town of Pompton Plains. They have been in business for 30 years and are willing to share their knowledge of electronics. This isn’t an advertisement, I just thought it would be a great resource for all the Makers in NJ.


They carry so many items for the electronics enthusiast, even supplies for etching your own PCB’s. There is a lot more stuff hidden in the back too, just ask.


If you are new to electronics, try one of the many Velleman kits in stock.


Sure, you can order parts from the Internet, but can you ask a question about the part? What about advice on a circuit you plan on building?


If you happen to be in NJ and check out Wayne Electronics, make sure you tell them you read about it on MAKE….and tell Patrick I said “Hi”.

Wayne Electronics
637 Route 23 S.
Pompton Plains, NJ

Open M-F 9-6 & Saturday 10-3

If you know of a great local place to pick up electronic components, leave a comment below. It would be nice to have a list of all the little “Hidden Gem’s” out there.

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  1. Laco Electronics in Decatur IL has a bunch of random electronics stuff. I just hate throwing my money at radio shack.

  2. “I’ll take: One travel-size grappling hook, a suit of protective gear suitable for repelling/bullet-stopping, two dozen bat-shaped boomerangs, a DIY supercomputer kit, and a half-dozen smoke bombs. Oh, and can you wrap that all up in a utility belt?… That’d be great, thanks.”

  3. Fort Wayne, IN has Pembleton Electronics. They have all manner of surplus components; anything you can imagine is there somewhere and priced very reasonably.

  4. Green Brook Electronics in Green Brook NJ looks very similar to Wayne Electronics. Great place, been there forever, and the staff is awesome.

    Green Brook Electronics Inc.
    269 US Highway 22
    Green Brook, NJ 08812 USA

    Phone: 732-968-3500
    Fax: 732-968-3378

  5. I remember going to Wayne Electronics once with my high school electronics teacher! I’d actually just assumed they’d gone out of business in the years since! (like every other electronics shop) That’s great that they’re still here. I’m definitely going to go pay them a visit.

    Thanks so much for posting this!

  6. Is there anything like this in or around Chicagoland? I know of American Science and Surplus, but if there’s a better place I’d like to know about it.

  7. In Salt Lake City, there’s RaElco — it’s nowhere near as nice (or organized) as the place in the pics above, but they lack in organization they make up in sheer quantity.

    2780 South Main
    (801) 487-7749

  8. Gateway Electronics in St. Louis, MO. Great assortment of stuff, plus a staff that will talk you down no matter how small your comfort zone is compared to your project.

  9. Not really hidden but You-Do-It electronics in Needham, Mass. is pretty good. The Radio Shack in Central Square (Cambridge) also used to be well above average but I haven’t been there in a long time so don’t know if it is still true.

  10. Sorry if this does not fit here, but it appears as though there are a lot of Makers in Ma…are there any plans for a meet-up?

  11. For anyone in Nova Scotia, there’s a wonderful shop called Jentronics in Dartmouth. Very friendly folks who know their stuff and are great to talk too.

  12. Shields Electronics if you are in Knoxville TN. and need a part real bad. Expect High prices and a disagreeable owner. Also as mike said about You Do it “It’s stuck in a bit of a time warp”. Its a little bit of everything security, computer, components (dwindling supply on the components as the market is drying up in this area). The sales people have areas of expertise all their own expect to be pointed to a guru of a specific discipline. They have survived many a competitor. The quote goes “if you cant find it elsewhere (in Knoxville) You might get lucky at shields”.


  13. Tinkertronics in Austin, TX

    Didn’t know they opened a second location. The original store is on 1133 Airport Road.
    the new one north at 2600 McHale Ct Ste 100

    Phone: (512) 719-3516

  14. All Electronics in Van Nuys, CA (suburb of L.A.) is my electronics playground. They’ve got all sorts of random surplus stuff with the occasional really good deal. They do a catalog and web business at http://allelectronics.com/ but there are some special in-store only items too. Way fun!

  15. Thanks for this update! I’m stuck in NJ for work, so I was used to having many choices in my electronics stores back in the Bay Area. At least there’s one now in NJ.

  16. Radar Electronics in Seattle used to be something like this. It was a real gem before they closed up their downtown shop.

  17. I have a feeling this page will be bookmarked by all. Perhaps there should be a MAKE: page for our favorite brick and mortar parts shop?
    Let me throw in mine and say:
    KC Electronic supply
    4100 Main Street
    Kansas City, MO 64111

  18. My mistake… Pembleton’s relocated and changed their name a little while ago. It’s now known as Misener Electronics and can be found at

    1410 Griffin St
    Fort Wayne, IN 46803
    (260) 423-1300

    Sorry about that.

  19. Anyone know of one in the Dallas / Richardson / Garland / Mesquite area? This would be an awesome “field trip” to take with my 12-year-old son.

    And how will we find the “directory of hidden gems” once it’s up on the Make: site?

  20. I used to shop here for any components I needed. Their prices are good and the staff are very helpful and friendly.

    Lee’s Electronic Components (2005) Ltd
    1 review – Write a review
    4522 Main Street
    Vancouver, BC V5V 3R5, Canada
    (604) 875-1993

  21. 1545 W Carson St
    Torrance, CA 90501
    (310) 328-2501

    It has a very junkyard/garage sale aesthetic, but it really adds to the appeal. Friendly, knowledgeable staff (especially the owner) that’s always willing to round the price down to something reasonable on even small purchases. Very wide assortment of components and some items that I’m sure are as old as the store itself. There’s also a great selection of books. I’ll take some pictures next time I’m there. It’s really a sight to be seen these days.

  22. There’s a great electronics store called Cables and Connectors on the Berlin Turnpike in Newington, Connecticut…

    Cables and Connectors
    2307 Berlin Turnpike
    Newington, CT 06111
    (860) 665-9904

    Another great resource in Connecticut is Ro-Brand Products in Plainville. They have all kinds of hard-to-find automotive and industrial fasteners, fittings, etc…

    Ro-Brand Products, Inc.
    319 Cooke Street
    Plainville, CT 06062

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