Here are a couple of nice videos from Rossi Projects. I like these lights, but my favorite ones are the “fish-like” lights found on the front page of the Rossi website.

More about Organic Light Sculptures

8 thoughts on “How to: Organic light sculptures

  1. Could have used a bandsaw to create those slots a lot easier and less time consuming.

    We did a similar project but used pvc (prototype model) then steel pipes to create horizontal slots and then slid a clear acrylic tubing behind it. The clear acrylic tubing was sealed and filled with water through which air bubble were generated with a fish tank aerator (from the bottom) and the whole 4 foot, 3″ tube was lit from underneath and from above.

  2. @ s.

    I think you’ll find the Wikipedia entry for ‘Art’ reading very much the same way as your insightful comment.

    I found the the lamps to be discrete, harmonious, and very soothing.. .and the fact that it took a lot of work to fabricate one even more reason to reward the artist with a fair payment. Sometimes it’s more about form than function… (but dont tell Kip Kay I said that)


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