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Giant connect four game board

Giant Connect Four
Giant Connect Four Pieces

Strolling by a local bar this past weekend, something unusual caught my eye – a huge wooden ‘connect four’ game complete with king-sized game-pieces. The bartender didn’t have a lot of info to share about the impressive recreational centerpiece other than the fact that it’s creator was a friend of the owners. If anyone has anymore info, please share it with us in the comments.

I’ll have to stop by “Duck Duck” bar sometime to get a quick (and huge) game in. – Giant Connect Four on Flickr

24 thoughts on “Giant connect four game board

  1. The board was made by my roommate brian and our friend jeff. the story behind the idea for the life size connect 4 goes: when the duck duck first opened, jeff and brian, two connect 4 enthusiasts, were thrilled to find a regular milton bradley connect 4 game. they were also very pleased to learn that the owner of the duck duck was a fan of the game. they called another friend and told him to “come to the duck duck, they have connect 4, it’s huge.” the friend misunderstood and expected to find a giant connect 4 game.
    brian and jeff decided that was a great idea, and began constructing the 5 foot tall board and the chips. their hard work paid off, the results are a fully functioning connect four board with a working chip release slider and beautiful chips each painted with the duck duck logo.
    the bartenders will bring out the board upon request any day of the week (space permitting) and wednesday nights they have a connect 4 night.
    check the calendar on the window of duck duck for connect 4 tournament nights.

    1. Could you please provide the plans on how to build one like yours? I really want to make one but there is no where online that shows you how to build one from scratch. I would really appreciate it!

  2. Well done, enterpising and well made. We also make giant versions of Connect 4 in wood and plastic, but its not as easy as it looks. It looks as if the holes become the counters, but the counters are in fact bigger than the holes.

    Also stopping a wooden Giant Connect 4 from warping is not simple, but I think yours looks great.

  3. I too am in love with this connect four! I saw a similar one at a bar in Austin and asked where/who they purchased from, but they would not share.

    I desperately want one of these and would be willing to pay someone to construct one for me. If design plans are being shared, I’d be willing to pay for those too.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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