Peggy hacks

Evil Mad Scientist Labs has put up a page on recent developments in their Peggy 2.0 Light Emitting Pegboard, including a round-up of Peggy-related hacks, including some incredibly cool Peggy animations.

The Peggy Strikes Back

8 thoughts on “Peggy hacks

  1. Why is this considered a hack? Isn’t the Peggy a kit for making LED’s light up? Does this mean that anything with a microcontroller is considered a hack?

  2. Man I hate to be the math nazi, but your summation is messed up. The summation doesn’t exist because N ranges from 0 to inf, and since 1/0 is the first term the whole result is undefined. To be totally correct you’d need to use lim_(n->inf)[sum(i=1..n) 1/i]. Since that’s hard to fit on a lightboard, changing the 0 to a 1 will do the trick. I mean it all diverges anyway, what’s the point? :D

  3. Odin: Some of these demos that we linked to are true hacks, involving clever hardware changes and software mods on multiple levels. Others might better be classified as “mere” programming, but we prefer not to pick those particular nits.

    Leadhyena: Help keep math jokes funny: don’t explain them. ;D

  4. Windell Oskay: I don’t think that was a joke. What Leadhyena said is correct. It’s undefined if it includes 1/0, becouse there is no number that if multiplied by cero is equal to 1.

    Btw, i liked the actual hacks :)

  5. NiñoScript: If Windell says the thing he put on the Peggy is a math joke, I believe him. Just because I don’t get it doesn’t mean it isn’t funny.

  6. I clicked the link to point out the Math error. They should have used n^2, at least it converges.

    Or a famous expression like e*iPi – 1 = 0.

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