Over at LadyAda’s Tea Party, aspro648 posts about a recent family reunion where they used Adafruit’s Game of Life electronics kits as a build activity for the tweens and teens. They built and joined ten GoL kits. Cool idea!

Game of Life – 10 boards!


From the Maker Shed:

Game of Life Board
Our Price: $17.50
In 1970, John Conway came up with a 1-player game called Game of Life. The Game of Life is a mathematical game that simulates ‘colonies’ that grow or die based on how crowded or lonely they are and is known for the way it creates a beautiful organic display out of randomness. Here is a design for a simple electronic project that plays Conway’s Game of Life. Make one kit and keep it on your desk, or attach multiple kit modules together to create a large display. Originally created by Dropout Design, this revision adds a few extra features. The kit is very easy to make and an excellent first electronics project. It is perfect for workshops since at the end everyone can connect their completed module together.