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Moleskine wallet

Here’s a wallet/cover Richard Bryan made for his Moleskine sketchbook. It’s made out of duck cloth and elastic banding material bought at a fabric store. There are two pockets on the front, one for cash, one for credit cards. The material is taut enough to hold everything securely in place. The second picture shows how the inside front cover is sewn. The back cover has a single strip of elastic banding and is used to hold Moo Cards. The fourth image shows how the inside back cover is constructed. You could easily modify this design for use on a Maker’s Notebook.

Moleskine Wallet Hack


6 thoughts on “Moleskine wallet

  1. It’s probably too late for anyone to actually read this, but anyway…

    This is the sort of thing that bugs me about flicker. It is a cool looking project, but there’s only pictures. No description of how it’s made, how it works in practice, etc.

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but they can’t replace words entirely.

  2. If you look at all the flickr posts there are a fair amount of details about how it was made and how it works in practice in the descriptions (spread across each picture – look at all of them). Once we get some more free time, we’ll probably sew up at least another one and I’ll try to make an instructable out of it, but for now, if you have any specific questions, just email me or post here….

    Richard Bryan.

  3. I’ve just learned that my friend who first inspired this project is planning to create a similar product, so I’ve removed all the detailed photos and comments from my website out of respect for him. He makes great products, so I hope once this sees the light of day, you’ll consider buying one from him. I’ll try to add the link to his product on my website once they are ready to be sold.

    Richard Bryan.

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