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Banksy was “unmasked” 9 months ago on YouTube…

The Daily Mail in the UK is reporting they may have “unmasked” Banksy, the popular graffiti artist whose work has appeared here on MAKE amongst many many other places. One thing that the story doesn’t mention is that a commenter on YouTube over 9 months ago also said Banksy is the same person they’re implying.

You can see the comments on a Banksy video from YouTube commenter Steve (username robingunningham) / view comments here (search for “robin”). It’s interesting to note that the commenter on this giant comment thread doesn’t like Banksy at all and “outs him”. Maybe it’s an old roommate or friend, or Banksy himself messing around, it wouldn’t surprise anyone I think.

Part of Banksy’s art is that no one knows who he is, I like it that way and hope it stays a mystery as long as possible or if there is an “unmasking” it’s dozens of people as opposed to just one. You can make your own works with Banksy’s art here “Everything in the shop is free, simply download the file and process the artwork.”

10 thoughts on “Banksy was “unmasked” 9 months ago on YouTube…

  1. I find it really that his identity seems to be facing an end.

    Last week I was in the UK with my family (I live in Puerto Rico). Vacation. One of the things I was eager to see in London was Banksy’s work. I took buses just to tour the city in search of his work. Then, as a surprise to me, dad took us to a festival in Bristol, Banksy’s probable home town. There I saw some great pieces, including his Mild Mild West.

    Wow, it seems incredible this is happening. And as you say, I hope it stays a mystery. That’s the magic in his art.

    And how did you guys find out about this? Hmmmm…

  2. I can’t believe that he (or she) has been able to remain anon this long. After all, he has shows now where people are buying his art. Someone’s getting paid, which means someone knows who he (or she) is. It will be an interesting social experiment to see if the value of his works goes down once people know who he/she is.
    I prefer to think of him/her like quantum mechanics…
    If you think you know who Banksy is – you probably don’t.

    PS – I’m Banksy!!

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