Last Hope picksets

Hope Pickset
Hope Pickset2

Toool has designed two laser-engraved lock picksets to commemorate the 7th and final Hackers On Planet Earth conference –

It is called ‘the last hope’ emergency pickset, and the main idea is to carry it in your wallet. You will most likely use it when you lost your keys, or when you are assisting others who lost their keys.

If you look at the back of the set, you see the edges of the set can be snapped off too, and are actually four separate tensioners. If you snap off all tools, you will end up with and eleven (!) piece pickset. As you can see, there are three basic picks, designed with the novice pickers in mind.
The other Toool pickset is the new and improved ‘double sided picks series’. There will be eight double sided picks in this set. For the moment I will only show you one of the picks, but you can imagine what the other seven are going to look like.

Your ‘Last Hope’ pickset … [via Hack a Day]