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Beer bottle blaster de art


This eye(and ear)-catching bottle cannon is on display as part of the SUPERDOME exhibition @ the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Regine from we make money not art shares details –

Arcangelo Sassolino‘s Afasia 1 is a nitrogen-powered sculpture that shoots empty beer bottles, those icons of rock culture, against a wall at 600km/hr inside a zoo-like metal cage. The shooting happens every few minutes. Meanwhile you’re left wondering whether you should opt for safety and step back or let curiosity take over and walk closer to get a better view of the blast. The waiting for the upcoming and -let’s face it- absurd blast only adds to the anxiety. The artist wanted visitors to add a visceral experience of art on top of the usual intellectual one.
Green shards pile up as the days pass.

SUPERDOME at the Palais de Tokyo

superdome on Flickr

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