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Rug-Bug crawls around your house

The “Rug-Bug BEAM Photovore” by Ken Hill is an environmentally aware photovore robotic bug that rolls, creates chirping sounds in response to light levels, and can be charged with solar cells. The bot runs from a pair of 74ACT139 ICs to control two Hankscraft gear motors from pulsed signals and a dual 556 timer IC. The design is based off of Craig Maynard’s Cybug 555.

Rug-Bug BEAM Photovore

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  1. I’m sure a lot of folks know this (and this is knit picking for sure) but i’ll throw it out there: I think the article is supposed to say a “dual 555” as opposed to “dual 556”. A 556 IC contains two 555 timers on the same chip.

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