Send GPS data to your computer without a microcontroller

This project, complete with parts list, explains how to get GPS data into a Mac using a GPS module and a BlueSmirf Bluetooth chip, without any microcontroller. I agree with the maker who posts that a microcontroller would really just add cost to this project. Check out the details at the link below.

Bluetooth + GPS + ActionScript , GPS Parser

2 thoughts on “Send GPS data to your computer without a microcontroller

  1. A noble effort for learning how these components work together, I wonder though; if the goal was to provide gps data to a computer, wouldn’t an off the shelf bluetooth GPS mouse have been easier, less expensive and better contained?

    A complete unit, with a commodity Li-Ion battery (and charging circuit) could be had for less than the cost of the bare gps module, and much less than the bluetooth radio.

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