Angie Chung draws simultaneously with both hands!
[via Neatorama]

14 thoughts on “Ambidextrous drawing

  1. She isn’t starting with any proportional marks, which either suggests that she’s an idiot savant, or she’s SO PRACTICED at making this specific image (with both hands, of course) that she doesn’t need it.

  2. oh, how hollow your life must be having to deal with so many who don’t do things as you would…
    perhaps one day you’ll put forth the effort necessary to be a special little snowflake too.

  3. For the most part, she’s simply drawing symmetrically. The movements she makes with one hand are basically the same movements she makes with her other hand. It’s not quite the same thing as drawing, say, a horse with one hand and a perspective drawing with the other one.

  4. I didn’t really see any drawing going on, just jump cuts to different stages of completeness. The only thing she was doing with both hands was shading. I’d like to see a time-lapse video of her working.

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