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Michelle Stitzlein makes wall-mounted moth sculptures out of recycled materials that include license plates, car parts, mirrors, trash can lids, piano keys, bicycle tires, scrap wood, bottlecaps, aluminum siding, faucet handles, oil drum lids and phone hand sets. via Junk Mail Gems Blog.

4 thoughts on “Recycled Art by Michelle Stitzlein

  1. hey michelle, im using your work in my art lesson and i have to create an artist reasearch page and include information, i have to include your influence but i cant seem to find information regarding it on the internet, so i was wondering if you could tell me what influences you in your work, and what inspired you to create your work?
    thank you for reading my emai

  2. thank you for the great workshop at CCAD on Oct 19th. Next year I am going to work on a permanent installation for our new school using the bottlecaps. You are inspiring to me, I may need some practice using a drill lol. thanks again. Kelli Cline

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