Here’s an interesting device that makes use of an oft neglected part of the guitar playing interface, the pick –

1- The pick itself is a passive circuit that has apercussive attack at the output. This signalcan be routed to any pedal or effect forinteresting results. This signal can alsotrigger MIDI notes through devices with CV input

2- The Synth is a light sensitive oscillator circuit thatis controlled by the pick with a photo-cell and contactto the guitar. It has a switchable range capableof “low creaks” sweeping to “high screams”.It runs on a 9volt battery and has abuilt in speaker.

The unit is seated near the tail of the guitarbehind the bridge. The guitar contact hookupwire is connected to the bridge.The pick’s natural plucking produces the attackat the pick output. The synth voice is “cut” when astring is struck and the photo-cell varies thepitch at the synth output.

Utilizing the ‘clicks’ for rhythm seems interesting on its own. [via Synthtopia]

4 thoughts on “Electric pick synth

  1. This reminds me of the Morley “sync a wah” circuit from the late seventies. You can find a schematic online if you search. Could be an interesting re-make.

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