Techcrunch announced they’re going to build a web tablet device & part II

Today at Techcrunch we announced that we are building our own web tablet hardware device. This all stems back from a conversation a few weeks ago when we were discussing the ultimate web browsing/cloud computing client hardware. The iPhone is nice but too small, and most laptops are over-powered for the task. With applications on the web most of us just need a web browser most of the time, so the ideal device would be a light-weight small tablet running nothing more than Firefox on a decent screen and with a WiFi connection.

 Vga Mod Finished Sm
In an effort to help get them going or at least kick off some conversations, I think they should look at Chumby. The open source Wi-Fi “bean bag computer”…. It doesn’t fit all the “specs” Techcrunch proposed, but it’s a good start. The $179 Chumby is linux based, can support a larger screen, is open source and a prototype could be developed. The team can get the source, schematics and part of Bunnie’s brain immediately.

I think the Nokia n810 internet tablet is also pretty close to what Techcrunch described (linux based, Skype, can run Firefox) – hardware is hard, good luck guys. If this were a MAKE project I’d suggest modding an EEPC and going from there…