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Steve sent in his latest project, the RoboStool. It uses a Parallax Propeller chip, and motor mount kit, to navigate in 3 different ways. It can use a “beacon” mode to navigate or be controlled via a universal remote. It can even be put in “follow” mode, which uses thermal sensing to follow the user around the house. [Thanks Steve!]

In a continuing effort to create unique and unusual robots I just completed RoboStool – a robotic foot stool. Where would such an idea as a robot foot stool come from? I’m not really sure but one day while waiting for my wife to finish shopping in a Bed Bath and Beyond (and totally bored of course) I spied the ultimate in tacky furniture – a cubed shaped foot stool covered in the finest of brown vinyl. At that moment it occurred to me that this foot stool was just begging to be automated. And thus began the RoboStool project.

Read more about the RoboStool

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  1. This is a little too close to “Thing”‘s box on the old Addams Family TV show. Maybe after all that work the least it could do is bring you a cold beverage…

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