Make Pt0865
Here are our slides in PDF format from our talk at Ignite NYC…

Limor Fried (ladyada) & Phillip Torrone (Make) “Citizen Engineer” – Open source hardware, hacking SIM cards, modding a payphone for fun and for profit.

(Biz geek side note) At the end we have some quick estimates on the CPM that some could expect from doing online videos compared with doing online how-to videos that have a kit or “something” for sale. We think there are some good opportunities for people who makes things to share their skills and how they create and make a living doing that (and we’ve shared some initial numbers). Videos are becoming the new “text files” – if you grew up learning about some techy topics by text files shared around you likely recognize the analogy. Etsy sellers, makers and anyone who makes things might want to experiment with this model of sharing their skills with other online via video and having actually things to buy as part of the video, but not just an “advertisement” or “infomercial”.