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Custom aluminum skateboards


Corbusboards makes these skateboards cut from aluminum in killer designs. With all the cutouts, they supposedly weigh about the same as a longboard, and aren’t meant to hang on the wall. Try not to catch anyone in the ankles with the fish skeleton one! Via Core77.

12 thoughts on “Custom aluminum skateboards

  1. Man, those are gorgeous. Not worth $300, but that’s a really neat innovation. I could see someone definitely getting a decapitated ankle from one of these!

  2. I wonder what the weight cap. is on those cuz I might be bigger at 300lb but I can still get down. (old mad crabby Voice) back in my day I could do some bad ass stuff, never stopped riding though but all i do now are ollies and acid drops through the neighborhood. But if I could find a board that could take the weight I could still trough down. its just that when I throw down now I break boards

  3. I’m the photographer for Corbus and his boards. In the course of the last year I’ve ridden the boards myself and I can tell you they are:
    1. Light not much heavier than a traditional longboard.
    2. They are no more dangerous to your ankles than any other board.
    3. We have a BIG Samoan friend that rides one and it supports his weight.
    4. They are manouverable the trucks and riser pads are tuned specifically for each board (Sometimes for a few weeks).

    My favorite to ride has been the Fishbone as the cutouts make carrying it way easier than a regular board.

    Plus Corbus is a super nice guy!

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