Nice write up of last week’s Ignite NYC… “Night Life Reprogrammed – NYTimes.com”

THE rowd pressed forward on Tuesday night to watch the soldering contest as it entered its final stages. A dozen men, gripping hot irons, sweated over circuit boards at M1-5, a TriBeCa bar. Their goal: win a race to assemble a primitive remote control. The prize: a lump of clear resin embedded with flashing blue L.E.D.s.

Four camera people from three Web video sites circled them. The crowd, a hundred strong, sipped glasses of dark beer and wine. Who would be the first contestant to jump up, point the remote at a television resting on a side table, and turn it off?

The tension!

The contest was the first order of business at IgniteNYC, a techie event series that started in Seattle in 2006. Later that night, there were super-speedy PowerPoint presentations, and, from the laptop and smartphone-bearing legions aligned on a banquette, a barrage of live blogging