Parasitic mobile wearable device spreads its message to others

“Parasite”, by Katharina Weier is a portable information device or electronic sticker built with an Arduino and Xbee Shield that is attached to a host in a dense urban environment. When the device comes into contact with another device it spreads a message across an LED matrix which is then saved and perpetuated to the next device. Check out some pics of the circuit build and videos of the messages sent at the link below.

Reconqr, via Network Research

4 thoughts on “Parasitic mobile wearable device spreads its message to others

  1. Now that was funny. The third (and last) video on the Reconqr site shows it well, it seems like a cross between Pac-Man and those little lcd-cube stick-men, whatever they’re called.

  2. For a brief moment I thought the little red icon was the same as the red skull pin in “The world ends with you” (game for the DS)–the pin allows you to read other peoples thoughts but blocks your thoughts from being read.

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