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Pigeon plays video game

Add this to the long list of things pigeons can do, but probably shouldn’t… Play video games.

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Lego Birdcam.
LEGO lady feeding the LEGO pigeons.

8 thoughts on “Pigeon plays video game

  1. Actually, this isn’t all that new. Back in the 1940’s, the US tested pidgeon guided bombs that they basically trained the pidgeon to peck at the ship on the screen and it would control the bombs. Surprisingly, it worked, but the project was cancelled. The main reasoning was the advent of radio control.

    It was also on Weird Weapons of the Allies on the Discovery Channel, along with bat bombs and B52 bombs.

  2. Looks like the pigeon is just pecking at the screen.
    Just because a video game is on the screen doesn’t mean the pigeon is controlling it.

    It might think it is seeing food.

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