Autonomous bot uses pencil erasers as bumpers

This “pencil pusher” autonomous sumo robot uses pencil erasers as bumpers when it hits obstacles. We think it might be more effective in “robot wars” if the pencils were sharpened and their orientation was reversed on this bot.

Sensors of No.2 Champion Autonomous Mini-Sumo Robot

4 thoughts on “Autonomous bot uses pencil erasers as bumpers

  1. This link should come with a warning. I spent many, many hours at his site when I heard about it and ended up with his intermediate robotics book.

    He’s an excellent writer and has some very entertaining as well as informative articles there.

  2. His book “Robot building for beginners” got me back in to electronics. It is truly an amazing book, he goes through step-by-step building a line following robot.

    But whats great is that each chapter is a lesson on the parts used, first you learn about LEDs, resistors, trim pots, transistors, ICs, voltmeters and so on.

    Its an intro to electronics book and at the end you have a robot.


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