Brainmachine Mitch

Mitch Altman (inventor of the TV-B-Gone and Brain Machine) will be at AS220 to teach any and all how to make their own Brain Machine. If you’re in or near Providence, this is a great opportunity to make something intriguing and fun, while learning from the (in)famous inventor.

The Brain Machine is something anyone can build. Through lights and sounds, it synchronizes your brain to a wonderfully relaxed meditation state, and along the way you’ll hallucinate beautiful colors and patterns! Mitch originally wrote up the Brain Machine for MAKE Magazine issue 10, and it soon became one of MAKE’s most popular projects. Since then he’s been teaching people all over the world how to make Brain Machines and other fun projects at workshops and hacker conferences. Mitch guarantees that everyone will successfully complete their Brain Machine, ready to bring home and amaze their friends (and their brains).

All tools and parts are provided. Cost of parts is $25.

Location: AS220, 115 Empire St, Providence, RI Directions
Date: Tuesday, August 19
Time: 5:00pm – 9pm

Build a Brain Machine

Brain Machine

Brain Machine