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Project reads local C02 levels and displays them through chalk formations

“Statlab” by Dutch artist Tjerk Stoop, is an environmental art project that samples local air quality and displays the average CO2 levels through a chemical reaction where chalk particles are dynamically formed. The result is a graph “where the difference in the amount of chalk particles per tank is a global measure for the fluctuating CO2 concentration within one week.” Interesting visualization of pollution information with a nice visual aesthetic that renders typical scientific data more palatable to the average citizen. Check out the link below for lots more info on this installation.


4 thoughts on “Project reads local C02 levels and displays them through chalk formations

  1. ” Interesting visualization of pollution ”

    CO2 isn’t pollution.

    It, along with water vapor and other greenhouse gases, helps keep us from freezing to death.

    Oxygen is to us as CO2 is to plants. If there was a truly a green Algore, of the tree variety, calling for trees to reduce their oxygen emissions, we would be pissed.

  2. Something not really related but that I think would be a nice development is the use of wireless crowds to monitor some parameter (such as CO2), as described here: . How it works is by using sensors attached to some wireless transmitter and polling certain information.

    I’ve seen it with temperature and pollution, but it could be basically used for anything.

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