New in the Maker Shed – Twitchie Robot kit


Certainly a unique take on robotic kits, the Twitchie awaits your creative ‘touch’ –

Twitchie is an open source multi-purpose robot kit. It has the capacity to frighten and scare, but also the power to love and care! It’s a regular pathos-o-matic! Grown men scream! Maternal instincts long dormant, suddenly activated! It’s a robot unlike any other, and you can make one with this kit. Cover your Twitchie any way you’d like to make it truly unique.


  • 3 Servos
  • 6 Laser cut wooden parts
  • 1 circuit board
  • 1 ATMEGA168 preloaded with Lillypad [Arduino] firmware and Twitchie software
  • 1 set of various electronic parts such as LEDs, capacitors and resistors
  • 1 printed manual

Twitchie Robot Kit

Check out a clip of Twitchie in action @ the Maker Faire –