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Lawrence Argent’s big blue bear
bluebear big.jpg

How’d you like to come into the office some morning and open your blinds to see this guy peering in at you? Artist Lawrence Argent made this huge blue bear for the Denver Convention Center. There are links to a short video of the installation at the bottom of this article. (There was a longer video presented at Maker Faire in 2006 – wish I’d seen it!)

8 thoughts on “Lawrence Argent’s big blue bear

  1. m3kt3k says:

    OMG that is great. If I came to work and saw that it would make my day. Truly awsome.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I Love the Blue Bear! Did you know there will be a website that sells the bears?
    Go to
    Now this really is public art!

  3. Patti Schiendelman says:

    Very cool, thanks for the link!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Go to and you can buy exact replicas
    of the 40ft blue bear. Ok, they are not 40ft but very cool.
    I love the key chains too!

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